How your headache and your snoring might all be related

The truth is that cluster headaches and snoring does have a connection but its very loosely defined. There is still a lot of scientific testing going on when it comes to this particular subject. However if you think you have a sleep apnea cluster headache you might not be wrong. You are at risk of having more of these if you have a very irregular sleeping pattern. If you constantly find yourself waking up randomly at all hours of the night, you are not getting the rest you need for your body. REM sleep is very important to get real rest. If you talk to your doctor he might be able to administer a nighttime sleep test through a professional in the area. This will help determine is sleep apnea is the cause of your irregular sleep. Feeling fatigued throughout the day is a very common symptom as well. But the reality of this is that there are lots of things such as environmental changes, physical and emotional changes that have a large potential to cause cluster headaches. These headaches can happen at night while you sleep and wake you up. They also can strike during the day. In either event they are very distracting and dangerous.

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